Mission, Vision & Values

Wind Turbines

Threshold Power maintains a dual focus.  The company is founded in the present and takes advantage of the opportunities for growth and value creation in the near-term, while simultaneously and steadfastly looking to the future.  Looking ahead, our experience and know-how tells us that our renewable energy focus has longevity and is, in fact, the future of how we will power our world.  Our Mission, Vision and Values were created with this dual focus – they are our starting-point, our path forward and our destination.


Our ardent belief is that by staying true to our values, we will consistently realize our mission and our vision will be achievable.


We maintain a passion for our work and the pursuit of valuable and sustainable growth.  We have a passion for renewable energy and its many social benefits.


We know that intellectual capacity relates directly to our potential for growth. Intellect and creativity breed advancement when combined with experience and expertise.


We are believers in the endless pursuit of intelligent and meaningful innovation. Innovation must add-value. We will never be satisfied with the status quo.


We honor our word. We hold ourselves accountable. Through integrity, we achieve professional respect and we operate with a sense of urgency.


We look for creative solutions that enable value creation – but we are not limited to a single pathway. We remain flexible and reserve the right to be opportunistic.