Threshold Power’s strategy brings together timing, leadership, experience and a long-term commitment to clean energy. The strategy is based upon three strategic pillars: low risk acquisitions, access to capital and asset optimization.

The company’s initial investments are in the growing U.S. utility-scale wind power market where a confluence of factors is leading to structural changes. The market is mature but ownership is fragmented. Threshold Power is seizing the opportunity to be at the forefront of the market’s expected consolidation by acquiring operating assets and optimizing their operational and financial performance on a portfolio basis, thereby enhancing value.

Threshold Power’s long-term growth strategy maintains this position and expands into other clean technologies – including solar, hydro and natural gas among others.

Low-Risk Acquisitions

Threshold Power’s strategy is to acquire interests in operating renewable and clean energy projects that are currently utilizing proven technology. With an initial focus on acquiring interests in wind power assets, Threshold Power will acquire a portfolios with predictable revenues, dependable cash flows and solid operating performance, without the development risk. This acquisition strategy is the foundation of Threshold Power's vision to be the leading U.S. owner of renewable and clean energy assets.

Capital Dexterity

Threshold Power is devoted to bringing competitive capital to clean energy that can be efficiently scaled for deployment. With significant collective expertise gained from having financed and invested in multi-million dollar projects, the Threshold Power team has the experience and know-how to deploy a variety of approaches to finance its growth.  This knowledge and flexibility allows Threshold Power to access a broad spectrum of capital.

Asset Optimization

The Threshold Power team has a proven track record of increasing value and cash flow through structured finance, operational improvements and cost containment - breathing new life into existing projects to maximize value. By taking advantage of economies of scale gained as the company’s portfolio grows and by leveraging tested technology, the company expects its portfolio to operate at the highest industry performance standards.