At Threshold Power, we take our responsibilities seriously. We hold ourselves accountable to our investors, our employees, our communities and our planet.

Threshold Power adheres to the economic, environmental and social values associated with sustainability. We are devotees of clean energy and do our part to make it competitive, affordable and mainstream. We commit ourselves to excellence and advancement. Our work will positively impact the world that we live in.


Threshold Power’s approach to sustainability is simple and inherent. As a clean energy company, we aim to create the most value and generate the most power from the clean energy sources we invest in and the projects we acquire.

Clean Energy

Threshold Power is committed to clean energy not simply because it is clean.  It is much more than that.  Clean sources of energy - like wind, solar and natural gas - have the potential to offer some of the lowest costs of energy when optimized and managed well. The transition to cost competitiveness starts now and Threshold Power will be a transformational leader in that effort.



Threshold Power is committed to the use of proven technology and to the pursuit of innovation to optimize the production of its assets. For our business this maximizes profits and creates value, and for our industry this contributes to the ushering in of a new era of energy in the United States, where clean energy is not the alternative, but the answer.