Looking out the window at the world

Optimization, innovation, affordability. These are the key words that encompass Threshold Power’s sustainability worldview.

Our efficient management of our portfolio of assets and resources means there is little waste. We have a lean but scaleable organization focused on our core competencies.

Through creatively applying our expertise, we are able to contribute to re-defining best-in-class acquisition and asset management in renewable energy. Our commitment to growing a portfolio of proven operating projects enables key renewable energy investors to reinvest in future projects across the country. As we continue to innovate and grow, so will our business and our ability to scale sustainably, making a contribution to a greater mix of renewable and sustainable sources of energy.

In parallel, across the renewable projects in which we choose to invest, we set out to maximize our investment and join the industry in driving renewable energy forward - mainstream. At Threshold Power, sustainability and sustainable practices are second-nature, never an afterthought. As we grow, we will continue to demonstrate this by clear, measureable means.