The greatest scientific discoveries made by students in the 21st century

In college, young people are focused on many things: some of them look for ways to make money, some are in search of new friends and entertainment while some are puzzled with the problem «Who can do my essay for money? I'm going crazy». However, there is one more category of students that is mainly focused on bringing value to the scientific world. These talented young people do projects, handle experiments, work in laboratories, and try to change society. In this article, we will talk about the most prominent scientific discoveries that changed the world and were made by students.

Top young minds that changed it for the better

Being a STEM student and liking your major, you are probably dreaming of becoming a person who will make some breakthroughs in technology, and if you work hard enough, you have all chances to achieve this over time. While you are in search of new cool invention ideas for students, have a look at some great scientific discoveries made by your talented peers:

The oldest dinosaur

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a paleontologist like Ross Geller from Friends? When digging in Wales, Sam Davies was lucky to come across the foot remnants that could have belonged to an ancient Tyrannosaurus. The smallest creature was around 20 inches tall and could be the oldest dinosaur that has been ever discovered. The student was advised to dig in that place by his teacher in Archeology which later made him famous;

FTD diagnosis

Sometimes, students are driven not just by great marks or the desire to become famous but by their personal motivation. Helen Beaumont enrolled in college after her husband was diagnosed with FTD and passed away. She studied this disease in Manchester and, with several investigations, achieved the terrific results. Now you can diagnose the illness based on the number of fluids in your brain: these findings helped to improve the treatment and save time by providing a clear diagnosis;

Treating cancer

There is much research in this field, although even small advancements do matter. Victoria Hilditch, a student of biomedical science, has made a ground-breaking discovery on the nature of cancer cell growth, which scientists couldn't understand for many years. Her progress helped to better get the existence of 7 different forms, revise and investigate them;

A new planet

An astronomy student from Chile Maritza Soto came across a new planet while doing research for her Doctor's dissertation at university. She confirmed the existence of the already known planet, but in the process, the girl noticed another spot not seen before which turned out the planet with a mass three times bigger than Jupiter;

Lost civilization

Students from Tomsk University discovered in the 1oth biggest lake in the world the Saka-Usun settlement, which is 2,500 years old. In addition, they found two hundred more artifacts including whetstones, ritual things, and ceramics;

Rediscovery of Qur'an

A student at Birmingham University decided to investigate the leaves of parchment that were kept in the Research Library. The girl took a closer look and stated that they are dating back to Prophet Muhammad, and her suggestion was supported by Oxford scientists with 96% accuracy. Thus, she spotted a thing that has been missed for years.
All these great discoveries make us believe in ourselves and do our best by putting an effort and bringing value to the academic society.